No time. How can I style quick hairstyles for any hair length?

Morning hair styling can be a challenge for many busy mothers when time and energy are scarce. However, with the right tools and strategies, you can create stylish and cool hairstyles despite the hectic routine.


  1. Hair Styling Tools:
     Invest in high-quality hair styling tools such as a curling iron, straightener, Velcro rollers, foam curlers, or a hairdryer. These tools allow you to create various hairstyles, whether it’s curly locks, smooth hair, or volume. A curling iron can quickly create waves, while a straightener gives you the ability to straighten your hair or create gentle waves. Velcro rollers and foam curlers are excellent for creating curls with minimal heat, saving time and protecting your hair.

  2. Hair Products:
    Choose hair care products that suit your hair type. This includes shampoo, conditioner, hair mousse, hairspray, and styling products. Haircare products should provide moisture, strengthen your hair, and protect it from heat and environmental factors. If you have limited time, opt for dry shampoo to refresh your hair and add volume. Hair needs can change over time and may need adjustments.

  3. Time Management:
     Incorporate your hair styling into your morning routine. Consider how much time you have in the morning and choose hairstyles accordingly. When time is limited, quick and easy hairstyles like ponytails, buns, or simple braids are ideal. A high ponytail looks stylish and takes only a few minutes.

  4. Preparation in the Evening:
    To save time, you can pre-style your hair in the evening. Braided hairstyles are a great option as they leave beautiful waves or curls the next morning, which are easy to untangle. You can also use dry shampoo to refresh your hair. If you wash and blow-dry your hair in the evening, you can quickly shape it in the morning using a round brush, curling iron, or Velcro rollers.

My personal pro tip is: always think of your kids’ playdough; when it warms up, it becomes soft, and when it cools down, it becomes firm. The same principle works with your dry, blow-dried hair in the morning or evening. I’d be happy to show you exactly how it’s done.

  1. Hair Accessories: Keep a selection of hair accessories on hand, such as headbands, hair clips, and hairpins. These allow you to create quick and stylish hairstyles, even when time is limited. With a headband, you can create an elegant braid or tame unruly hair in no time.

By combining these tools and tips, you can efficiently and stylishly style your hair in the morning, even as a busy mother. Remember to choose products and hairstyles that best suit your hair type and schedule. While it all sounds straightforward in theory, with a little practice, you can master it.

If you need more tips and advice or an individual hair styling plan, I’m here to help.

I’m Anja, and I’m happy to assist you with all your hair styling questions.