Hair & Make-Up


To me, hair means proportions in perfect harmony with color & shape and hair is also the mirror of the soul.

Staging variability. A sleepy morning look in the mirror or a make-up for that special occasion at night, anything is possible.

An even, fresh complexion is not a dream. Natural for everyday wear or an exciting touch for your personal magic moment that truly makes you shine.


Downtime means loss

Specialized knowledge for makeup artists, staff & employee coaching, corporate coaching.

Training Concepts & Team Building Event

Corporate and brand identity, the right performance is your indispensable signature. I’ll give you security and an individually tailored approach to implement it with you.

“Make-Up & cut ” workshop for artist and make-up artists

The optimum entry seminar and the perfect foundation for safe hair cutting techniques at the photo shoot and on set. All participants will be familiarized with the most important basic cutting techniques in small groups, taking into account their skills and from the ground up. All techniques are trained on a mannequin’s head and then implemented directly on a model.

Private coaching

There is no second chance for a first impression. How do I appear to others and how do I want to appear to them? The proper handling of products and how do I handle my hair & makeup? Among other things, this is a perfect opportunity for a product check-up & hair dryer workshop.


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