What you should know about your appointment at

  • I love a little over-punctuality. By arriving 5 minutes before your appointment, we make sure together that you have my full attention and can also enjoy the whole service stress-free.
  • In case of delays, I will of course do everything possible to still fulfill your wishes in the time reserved for you. If this is not possible because your delay was too long, I will have to charge you for the extra time you need (see below, Prices).
  • Have a heart for your fellow man. Put your phone on silent and come unescorted. For a few hours a year, the world, cute dogs and your best friend can get along without you. You can relax and I can deliver undisturbed top service that you as a customer expect from me. And everyone is relaxed.
  • Book your follow-up appointment directly afterwards to avoid later bottlenecks.
  • You suffer from allergies or intolerances that we should know about? Please talk to me about it!

What you should know about cancellations:

  • To save you any costs incurred due to last-minute appointment cancellations, please read my cancellation policy:

Every postponement of an appointment means a cancellation for my planning. Therefore, please only book appointments that you can safely keep.

Cancellation for important reasons is possible up to a maximum of 48h / 2 working days before – this way I can ensure a fair appointment allocation for all clients. (For the 48h-hour deadline, only working days count. So an appointment on Monday would have to be cancelled the Friday before at the latest). You are welcome to use my booking system to select a new appointment. Please note the cancellation deadline for your booking.

For cancellations that are not within our cancellation deadline, I will have to charge the full amount, as I will not be able to re-book these appointments at such short notice.

What you should know about my prices:

My profession is a craft that benefits from your cooperation. That means for you:

  • That I do precision work on your head with sharp scissors – best enjoyed in a relaxed & meditative state.
  • Your job/PC/mobile phone to work, you should get out max. in the action time. Voice messages and phone calls are disturbing factors. I recommend to just enjoy the silence. (the rest is delivered free of charge and costs nothing)
  • Please eat your breakfast before or after the appointment & not during it. Nobody likes hair in their food and only then can I guarantee the time calculated for you.
  • Because my prices, whether cut, color or other services, are time-bound: each additional 15 minutes required cost 20 € more.
  • In case of effort that deviates from the average, I will of course discuss the duration and cost of your appointment with you beforehand. Full transparency before brush or scissors are swung. Especially when coloring, the final price depends on hair length, fullness and condition.
  • I accept cash and EC card payments.

What you should know about complaints:

  • I am only happy if you are happy. Should you ever not like something, please talk to me about it! I always have an open ear for you and am always available for changes. Always according to the motto > If you are happy, share it with the world. If you are unhappy, share it with me!
  • Complaints within 14 days I correct free of charge.