What are the basic tips for your hair care and styling? 

Not only is the right hair care crucial, but also the right technique to maintain healthy and beautiful hair. In 2024, there are some important basic tips and trends that can help you keep your hair in top shape. Of course, everything is as individual as your hair and yourself.

Shampoo only the roots

One of the most important changes in hair care is the way you use your shampoo. Instead of applying shampoo to all of your hair, concentrate on the roots. Because you are cleansing your scalp, the lengths of your hair are automatically cleansed when you rinse it out. This helps to preserve the natural oils in the hair lengths and ends and prevents even more dryness. Rinse the shampoo out thoroughly to avoid any residue.

Use a hair mask and/or conditioner

Depending on how you wash your hair, you should use a hair mask and/or conditioner. This will help to condition your hair, lock in moisture and make it smooth and shiny. It is important to use the hair mask first and then the conditioner. Make sure you choose a conditioner that suits your hair type and rinse it out thoroughly.

Gentle drying

After washing, you should gently pat your hair dry or wrap it briefly in a towel instead of rubbing it roughly. This prevents hair breakage and dryness. Also, avoid bouncing the hair as this can cause damage. Always remember, when hair is wet, it is at its most fragile. Instead, you can gently pat your hair dry or use a soft towel. Before you blow dry is the best time to use a heat protectant and setting lotion. Drying your hair with low heat and lots of wind is the gentlest option. You can add shine and shape to your hair with a round brush or flat brush when it is about 90% dry. Only when it is really 100% dry use a hot tool, straightener or curling iron.

Use suitable products

Hair care is not just about shampoo and conditioner. Choose suitable products such as serums, leave-ins, oils and/or styling products that suit your hair type. These can help to support the health of your hair and reduce frizz. Here too, the question of the right product is the key. Your hair requirements are as individual as you are. Let me advise you.

Correct use of the round brush

If you are using a round brush for styling, you should make sure that your hair is 90 % dry before you start. This saves time and, above all, heavy arms. Always run the brush from root to tip to achieve an even result. Apply heat protection spray before blow-drying to prevent damage.

Dry hair texture before straightening

If you want to straighten your hair, make sure it is 100% dry before you start. A wet hair texture should never be straightened as this will cause damage. When straightening, concentrate on distributing the heat evenly by slowing down in the lengths to make the straightening as effective as possible.

Courage to use a round brush & curlers

You shouldn’t be afraid of the round brush. You can use it safely by drying your hair in the desired direction first and then using the brush to create volume and shine. I know, curlers remind you of your grandma. Now you can give modern curtain bangs a boost with elasticity and a little something extra. Rely on a simple tool, heat makes the hair mouldable and allowing it to cool in the same shape firms that shape. In a nutshell, put a roller or brush in your hair, warm it up and then leave it to cool down.


The year 2024 offers exciting possibilities for hair care and styling. With the tips above, you can make sure your hair is healthy, shiny and well cared for. Always remember that choosing the right products and the right care routine are crucial to keeping your hair in top shape. Pamper your hair and look forward to great hair textures in the coming year!

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I’m Anja and I’ll be happy to help you with all your hair questions.